Punky Orange and Pink Short Style

This hairstyle is youthful, punky, and can be very funky or very sophisticated purely based on colour alone.This is a short haircut that is a re-interpretation of a basic, uniformly-layered pixie. Instead of keeping length completely uniform, as it is typically done, this cut leaves certain lengths, primarily around the back and front hair line, purposely long and uneven to create punk and personality.The hair colour is a play on two power pigments. A diluted, cotton pink, and a hi-octane, neon orange. Using natural tones in place of power pigments would take this hair cut from being punk-inspired to being chic with an edge. This cut can also be style down for a more natural, age-appropriate shape.


Manestream Salon Inc. Hairstylist: Dylan Dias Make up artist: Beulah Dias Photographer: Nataliya Rodina Model: Ilona Novak