Most Popular Hairstyles

Emo Styled hair Long Side Swept Bangs with Spiky Back

This is a great rockabilly hairstyle as the hair is short and styled high on top. Hair extensions have been added at the front to give a longer fringe. This is a flirty and fun look.The hair is cut short and has been layered.The hair colouring is black with purple highlighted extensions at front.


Passion Beauty Hair Plus Volume 2 Photograph Courtesy of Passion Beauty Company: SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions ~ Mid Atlantic Salon: The Look Salon & Day Spa, Chesapeake, VA Hairstylist: Monae Chandler Haircolorist: Monae Chandler Hair Extensionist: Monae Chandler Makeup: JaĆ¢??Quyce Scruggs Photographer: Scott Bryant