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Extreme Take on a Classic Two-Tailed Pony

Curly, blonde hair is pulled back neatly from the forehead and styled flat and straight along the skull. The remaining mass of hair is then divided into two tails, one on each side of the head. A piece of metallic band 3 inches across is wound around each tail, but not too tightly. The volume of curls is not suppressed, rather, the band gathers them into structure, but allows their natural size to come through in between loops. The resulting shape is conical, broad at the base near the head just above the ears, and tapering to a more slender point about two and a half feet out to the side. The challenge in this style is that the two cones remain parallel to the ground, despite the weight of the hair, and that curls follow the curve of the band as it winds through, not giving way to gravity and popping out from the structured mass.


Michael Barnes Hair: Michael Barnes for Goldwell Photography: Kyoko Homma Make-up: Marco Antonio Styling: Chiyono Minagawa