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Long Curly and Beautiful Hairstyle with bangs

This is a very romantic hairstyle as this young woman has her hair long and curly. The hair is taken back at the sides and styled into this updo at back. The hair has been clipped up high at back, with the rest of her long hair, curled and styled all together to fall over one shoulder. On the forehead, the hair is straight and brushed over towards the side.The hair is cut long.This hair colour is dark brown with caramel highlights.


Passion Beauty Upstyles & Weddings Volume 11 Photograph Courtesy of Passion Beauty Salon: Salon Vivace, California, Pennsylvania & Virginia Hairstylist: Lolly Mastracco Haircolorist: Lolly Mastracco Makeup: Lolly Mastracco Photographer: Tom Carson