Latest Hairstyles

Emo Inspired Red/Auburn cut with Side Swept Bangs

This hairstyle is deconstructed form inspired by the grown-out bob, or "lob" look. Keeping the main length of the hair allows the person to continue growing their hair out as planned, but movement and a disconnected shape keep the hair looking sharp and fresh.This is a medium-length haircut that is left just grazing the bottom of the nape in the exterior. Towards the interior however, diagonal-back layers take the hair away from the face and create bold texture that give the cut volume and shape while still maintaining length.The hair colour is a natural, auburn-based violet. Blended with browns and a hint of red, the violet creates a unique interest without being too much of a power pigment. Brighter violet highlights layered throughout catch the sunlight to create a uniquely violet halo that shines over everything.


Manestream Salon Inc. Hairstylist: Dylan Dias Make up artist: Beulah Dias Photographer: Nataliya Rodina Model: Tiffany Mullaney