Bleach Blonde and Pink Boy Cut with bangs

This hairstyle is a classic shape that can be re-invented into modern forms. Tapered back and sides, with a sweeping fringe; a modern interpretation of Sassoon's original "Firefly." Layered heavily throughout, this style can be worn sleek, jagged and pieced-put, or even up and away from the face.This is a short haircut, tapered close to the scalp in the exterior and sides, blending into an elongated shape and slightly exaggerated interiour lengths.A soft magenta sweeps over the entire head like a halo, but a lightened ring around the perimeter of the hairline lines her forehead. During washing, the magenta was massaged throughout to give the blonde perimeter a pink hue. The result is a beautiful reflection of lightness that hides just underneath.


Manestream Salon Inc. Hairstylist: Dylan Dias Make up artist: Kimberly Skory Photographer: Jeffrey Chan Model: Stephanie Bea