Straight Black Cropped Pixie with Fringe

This hairstyle is a very edgy, youthful take on asymmetry and jagged texture. Super-textured interior lengths line the face in sharp shapes while a shaved sides dips into the exterior of the head, enhancing the jawline and length of the neck. Androgynous, punk.This is a short haircut. A shaved sides draws the eye to the shape of the face while a shaggy interiour creates textural interest and a dramatic edge. Perfect for long necks, strong jawlines, and independent personalities.A soft, natural black adds shine to the already richly textured hair, while a bold, power pigment lines the shape of the head and neck. Lightener was applied in a sweeping oval shape to purposely follow the perimenter of the hair line. The look is purposely bold to draw attention.


Manestream Salon Inc. Hairstylist: Dylan Dias Make up artist: Kimberly Skory Photographer: Jeffrey Chan Model: Maggie Wong