Black Straight Cropped Cut with Bangs

This hairstyle is a very modern and sleek look with a unique edge. Instead of a typically heavy bowl shape with a layered exterior, which is classic, this cut uses a shaved exterior to create a greater juxtaposition of elements. Urban chic, modern, hip, and androgynous.This is a short haircut. Shaved closed to the scalp in the exterior, and layered like a halo throughout creating a heavyily defined perimeter line. A beautiful shape for long necks and fearless women.A deep blue black throughout enhances the texture and shine of the hair. We further played on our juxtaposition of elements by lightening the shaved exterior and using a bold power pigment for emphasis. Other, more natural pigments can also be used to give a sophisticated quality to this edgy look.


Manestream Salon Inc. Hairstylist: Dylan Dias Make up artist: Kimberly Skory Photographer: Jeffrey Chan Model: Risa Kusomoto