Long Black Hair with Underlying Curtain of Red Strips

This gravity-defying hairstyle features a lustrous finish of sharp red-on-black stripes. The top section of hair is pulled back from the forehead, with an almost-wet styling, and then made to flow continuously backwards, parallel to the ground. The rest of the hair is gathered underneath, then tightly secured at the back of the head. Anchoring to the top layer, hair is then drawn out in a long line, but with sections pulled out to hang down in a short curtain, at a right angle to the upper strip. Smaller strips of red hair lie next to each other along this swath, the ends of which are gently feathered into points, rather than form a clean line.


Michael Barnes Hair: Michael Barnes for Goldwell Photography: Kyoko Homma Make-up: Marco Antonio Styling: Chiyono Minagawa