Three-Toned Straight Hair with Overlapping Geometric Sheaves

This hair achieves drama with shape, height, and color. The start is a basic, layered hair styled out in spikes 6 to 8 inches long. Shown to advantage are the expertly blended colors of blond and red among the spikes. A straight-cut fringe of medium-brown peeks out from under the voluminous spikes. Hair is then divided, by color, into short, mostly rhomboidal sheaves, overlapping one another and building out into one long multicolored strip. One end rises up from the left-hand side, while another branches down from the right-hand side, giving the impression of one long line bisected by a crown of spikes.


Michael Barnes Hair: Michael Barnes for Goldwell Photography: Kyoko Homma Make-up: Marco Antonio Styling: Chiyono Minagawa