Scalloped Blonde Hair With Fan-Shaped Tail

This ultra-light, platinum blonde is done up in a textured style reminiscent of a spider's web, or frayed silk. Hair on top of the head lies flat and shows scalloped shapes. The round edges border the hairline and are shown to advantage. Hair is then gathered and knotted low at the back of the head, where the ends are formed into a spread-out folding fan. The deep folds extend in radius from the back of the head to the right jaw, and extend out about a foot or so. The only make-up with this hairstyle is dark eyes, with each eye socket, up to the eyebrows, shaded entirely in black.


Darren Ambrose of D & J Ambrose Hair: Darren Ambrose of D and J Ambrose, London Styling: Remi Takenouchi Make-up: Adam J Sidewell Products: Wella Professional Photography: Kyoko Homma