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Smart Casual Hairstyle On Curly Hair

Smart men are kings of the library and bullied elsewhere... that statement use to be true but not anymore with the whole movement of Internet start ups and the youth making millions overnight, it's no wonder everyone is changing out their wardrobe and running to the nearest hair salons for a new geek aka 50's and 60's makeover. Some call it the "hispters" look, others just plainly call it "Geeky" but regardless of what you may call it, it sure is getting a lot of attention and looks nothing like the geeks we use to have a few years back. Here the fringe is swept across the forehead preceding an angle-ful of curly bunch on top. The sides are layered with a few loose pieces around. Despite the messy finish, it still comes out clean and this hairstyle looks amazing. Dark Brown


hair by Contemporary for l'Oréal Professionnel