Mary J Blige's Long Silvery Blonde Waves

Mary J Blige's long hair is tinted blond-on-blond, and styled with accompanying white top, over-sized, two-toned earrings, and natural make-up to give off a fresh, girlish vibe. Hair color gives depth and definition, as a darker blond along the hairlines is overlaid by a light, silvery blond. Hair on the crown is swept, from a deep, angled part on the right, all the way across the crown, pinned low at the left ear, then hooked behind it, creating a tight, glossy cap. Hair at the back of the crown is then parted down the middle, but the right portion is also clipped at the back of the right ear, then swept entirely around the nape and allowed to drape down the left shoulder, leaving the right side sleek and neat. The long waves down the left are loosely styled into waves.


Pictures provided by Retna