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The Reindeer Sock Bun

This super cute updo has given so much to talk about, the reindeer sock bun takes about five minutes and it is simply perfect for class parties.

Poker World Tour Retro Hairdo DIY

Learn how to do this amazingly cool retro hairdo which the beautiful Amal has created on the host of the 2013 world poker tour.

Pompadour Vintage Curl

How about going a little retro for a change with this amazing vintage curled pompadour tutorial created by none other than the beautiful and talented Amal Afoussi.

Pop Art Look - Do It Yourself

Check out this amazing tutorial on how to turn yourself into a cool retro pop art comic book character.

Fun Time Doing Your Nails

Check out this great do it yourself tutorial where you can really get creative and express yourself through art & nails.

Simple Elegant Ponytail

Learn how to do a quick elegant and beautiful ponytail with your fringe in 6 easy to follow steps. The perfect hairstyle for ladies on the go who do not have too much time to invest into their hair but still want to look elegant.

Mac Perfect Red Lips DIY

Learn how to get those perfect sexy red lips in this great and simple do it yourself with Amal Aoufoussi.


Learn how to throw your hair up into a cute hair bow with this great tutorial by Amal.

DIY : Newspaper Nails

Nail art can seem very complicated but there are various tips to make your application easier. Here is an easy step by step to achieve this super cool newspaper nail art that you can wear no matter the season!

DIY Celeb Spiky Nails

Ever wondered how to make your square or round tipped nails pointy like some of the biggest celebrities out there.

The Perfect Formal Prom Bun DIY

Why spend hundreds of dollars to get your hair done on that special prom day when you can achieve great results on your own! Check out this amazing do it yourself tutorial for this amazing braided bun updo.

Beautiful and Easy DIY Tucked Updo

Learn how to do this lovely casual tucked updo in under 10 easy steps with none other than the beautiful and talented hairstylist Jenny Strebe!

Do It Yourself Messy Fishtail Braid

Learn how to create this amazing messy fishtail braid in only a few easy steps!