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Alternative Ways to Color Your Hair

Are you sick of your boring, same old, flat hair color? Want to add some wild colors in it but can not commit to it permanently whether because your work will not allow it or your parents are too strict? Well then we have just the thing for you! My favorite 5 ways to dye your hair temporarily wit...

Winter Hair Accessories

With the cold coming down upon us a lot sooner than expected it is time to put away the short shorts and take out the big scarves and sweaters... but do not forget about your hair! Now is not the time to let it get all drab and drag you down. Keep your hair cute and trendy with some of these perf...

Fashionable Short Hairstyles

This season short hairstyles are keeping it simple and elegant. Blunt edges with minimal to no layers seem to be all the rage this year. Make your hair more profound and noticeable by cutting the edges right above the shoulders or ears to create a shocking and bold statement this winter. Add a ni...

Trendy Bangs to Fit Your Face

Bangs are always in. Fact. There is nothing that completes a haircut more than a good set of bangs. Thick fringes, side swept and wispy or super short and edgy there is a cut for you and the shape of your face. Check out these 10 super sweet styles to inspire you for this season!

Curly Hairstyles for Women

Curly hair is always hard to style, but when it is styled well it is one of the nicest and most beautiful styles you can have. Soft curls and lots of volume always look good and add such a confidence boost to your style. Here are my top five trending curly styles for this fall to try out and beat...

Inspiring Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hair is that perfect in between length. Whether you are growing out your hair or shortening it to make it more manageable this a great cut to be perfectly neutral yet still fashionable. Here are a few of our favorite medium hairstyles covering everything from dead dead cute to edgy ...

Trendy Shaved Hairstyles

Edgy and asymmetrical haircuts are all the rage this season. Cropping up on many of the runways and celebrities these punk-inspired cuts are really making waves. Need some more adventure in your life then try out one of these hot styles.

Back to School Updos

Going back to school is always a hassle after a nice long summer vacation. Morning classes, plenty of new students, the lines for the cafeteria and bookstore are always way too long, it is easy to get frustrated, especially when you can not find time to do your hair... but never fear. Here are my...

Hair and Makeup Trends for Fall

It is time to switch up your closet as you prepare for the winter months and you know what that means! It is also time to switch up your hair and makeup to accommodate your brand new you. There are so many hot and beautiful hair and makeup trends for you to try out this season you will not know w...

Best Hairstyles at the VMAs 2012

The VMA's is a lot more than rewarding the artists for their music to us. Women around the world tune in early to watch what their favourite celebrities are sporting on the red carpet. Check out who made our top 20 list when it comes to hairstyles!

Short Hairstyles For Fall 2012

Are you having trouble finding a cute and fashion forward hairstyle for your short hair? Never fear because there are actually quite a few that you can try out and play with this season. Here are our favorite 5 short hairstyle trends for this season.

Fall Fashion Alert - Low Volume Hair

This plain Jane style really lends itself to showing off a girls natural beauty and goes with every outfit... which pretty much makes it the most practical hairstyle ever. Long and parted in the middle with just a little bit of hairspray to give it that messy just-got-out-of-bed

Short Summer Curls to Beat the Heat

Ahh, summer, filled with rays of sun, trips to the beach, and cool drinks in the shade. And mountains of sweat if you have long or even medium hair.

Interview with hairstylist Milica Maksimovic

Our interview this week comes from the city of Belgrade where the top stylists are quickly earning their place on the hair map. Milica Maksimovic, who also goes by the name Shishalica

The Secrets of Zooey Deschanel's New Girl Hairstyle

Backed by critical acclaim nearly across the board, New Girl is a television series that is quickly moving up the charts to be one of the most watched shows in the entire United States. While clever writing and real-life situations may take some of the credit for the overnight success

The Pink Hair Revolution

In what may truly be one of the weirdest hair trends to ever hit the streets, pink hair has changed from being a novelty fad into a full-on revolution. Every day, more and more women make the decision to dye their hair pink, whether it's just few highlights, a la Rachel McAdams,