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Men Pompadours

2013 has been a huge year for the retro 1950's pompadour hairstyles. Let's take a closer look at some of the best ones we have seen this year.

10 Reasons To Color Your Hair

There is no excuse for gray hair....unless you are a silver fox like the 82 year old super stunner Carmen Dell' Orefice.

Hair faux-pas for a first date

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking, and making a good first impression is crucial - if you want a second date- that is ! Let's have a look at some common faux-pas to avoid if you want your prospect to say 'go' instead of 'no'.

Stylish hairstyles for humid days

You can have the most beautiful yet sleek hairstyle, but when humidity gets its say it often means bad hair day ! Let's have a look at some outstanding yet easy hairstyles that will stand up to mother nature tantrum!

Coolest celebs top knots

Top knots are usually the fastest way to style your hair when you are on the get go. Let's have a glimpse at some celebrities who rocked some pretty original knots and inspired many of us to dare this timeless style!

Updo Stylist Secret Hair Stitching

The most romantic updos have a soft loose texture, a few tendrils tumbling out and naturally move when you do. Which means shellaquing it with hairspray so it stays in place all night is not an option. Instead, try this insider trick: hair stitching.

Best Hairstyles at the VMA's 2013

Celebrities gather in NYC for the VMA's, lets take a closer look at who rocked the hottest hairstyles on this red carpet recap for the VMA's 2013.

Hottest Black Women Hairstyles

Check out some of today's hottest black celebrities who just have it going on. From their great sense of fashion all the way to their beautiful hairstyles.

Wild For The Summer Hairstyles

About to wild out for the summer? Get inspired by some of today's hottest celebrities who do not shy away from a little attention, good or bad.

Quick Ideas to Style Your Long Hair

Long hair doesn't have to mean dull and straight. Ladies, there are plenty of styles for straight, long hair which look and feel good that can bring about a “new” you any day of the week. Take your plain and ordinary hair into a new dimension with the following hairstyles that offer a sleek, ...

Curly Hairstyles

The right hairstyle for curly hair brings curls to life. Curls aren’t only fun and flirty, they are sophisticated and sexy, and there is a hairstyle this season for whatever look you’d like to achieve.

5 Hairstyles for a Scorching Hot Summer

Forget turning the air conditioner to high this summer, slow down the hot summer heat waves with the right summer hairstyle perfectly suited to handle scorching summer heat. There is plenty of fun in styles this year, so say goodbye to last summer’s trends and get to the salon for a cut and color...

Celebs With Short Hairstyles

It’s still not summer but it might as well be with the heat blazing down on our scalps leaving our hair messy & sweaty. Why not take the plunge this summer and shed some length off which brings us straight into our latest top 10 celebrities who did take that plunge.

Summer Hair Colors

At the brink of summer a lot of women are turning to their hairstylists reinventing their selves cutting their hair short, trying new styles and most of all looking for new colors. Check out our awesome top 10 color ideas for the summer.

Prom Hairstyles

Prom season has arrived, young teenagers around the world are still running around wondering how they want to look on that special day. Well here are a few ideas and our top 10 hairstyles for that special day.

Vintage Beauty and inspirational women

Women often look up to some of their favorite celebrities for fashion and hairstyles. Let's take a look back into history at some of the sexiest classical trends set by some of the hottest women of the 20th century.