Stylish hairstyles for humid days

You can have the most beautiful yet sleek hairstyle, but when humidity gets its say it often means bad hair day ! Let's have a look at some outstanding yet easy hairstyles that will stand up to mother nature tantrum!

Humidity can often stand in the way when you expect your hairstyle to stay sleek and beautiful all day long. However, I have picked for you some easy yet stylish hairstyle that will stand up against frizzy mother nature!

Wether it is a hot summer day, a humid fall day or a rainy spring day, your hair can often be an easy prey to frizz and unwanted curls. Amongst other styles, buns and braids are proven to be the best tools to fight the weather when it's at its worst. After your hair is still a bit damp, put some leave in conditionner to tame the strands and a little bit of serum at the ends to soften the texture and create a humidity-free barrier on your cuticules. Now let's have a look at some easy waterproof styles you can recreate at home within 5 min!

The side french braid : An easy breezy hairstyle that you can create and looks fantastic ! Using your fingers, sweep your hair to the side then do a french braid . You can either secure the end as a ponytail or a messy bun, using small rubber elastics will give you a better grip!

The Double Braid : Start by parting your hair in the middle, then create a side french braid on each half. Secure them together with an elastic in a messy bun or merge them into one french braid at the neck. Spray and go!

The Sleek Top Knot : A classic hairstyle that elongates the allure and gives height. Brush your hair up and style it into a high ponytail that you can twist and pin into a bun. Apply some texturizing paste to tame the baby hair around the forehead than add a little hairspray and tadam!

The crown braid : To recreate this majestic style, part your hair in the middle and apply some texturizing paste. Create a classic low braid on each side, then wrap the right braid across the top of your head and fasten it behind your left ear with bobby pins. Wrap the left braid across and pin it behind your right ear. Spray with fine hairspray and get ready for attention!

The messy 'headbun': This effortless and feminine look can be pulled off for any occasion , all you need to do is wear a headband then style your hair using your fingers into a high messy bun. Secure with bobby pins and spray! You will look romantically in style !

The upside down braid : 'Original' is the least that we can say about this hairstyle. To recreate this look, you have to start a french braid the exact same way you would do it, but starting the parting from your neck. Put your head upside down and braid your hair until your reach mid-top section and secure it with a rubber elastic. Merge the rest of the hair and style it into a bun. Secure with bobby bins and spray!


Makeup Artist, hairstylist and painter with a philosophical approach to her art, Amal considers every face a canvas with endless possibilities to translate beauty through inspiration. She mingles with colours, textures and morphology and shares her unique touch whether its for fashion editorials, advertising, photoshoots or working with other artists. Her work has been published all over the world, from Vogue Italy to FTV Indochina and has worked with some of the world's top fashion icons, such as Ève Salvail and Jean Paul Gaultier.