Hottest Men Celebrities @ The Oscars 2014

Let's face it a lot of us watch the Oscars to see what our favorite celebrities will be wearing and what style they will opt int for.. This year the men were looking delicious check out some of our favorites.

All men seem to be suited up very similarly but regardless a woman loves a man in suit and hairstyles seem to go a long way for men at the Oscars with a few exceptions this year.

Bradley Cooper was definitely looking at his best at the Oscars 2014 going with that classic formal look with a little sexy scruffiness with the unshaven beard and messy spiked hairstyle.

Looking classy doesn't mean you have to wear the bow tie and typical black suit like 90% of the men showing up at the Oscars, and this is exactly what Michael B. Jordan has done and yet still looking sharp as one can!

Well the Don Jon actor Joseph Gordon Levitt surely knows how to dress to impress. With his cool retro 1960's style and dark grey suit.

Oscar winner Jared Leto always looks so handsome with his gorgeous careless long hair and unconventional white suit.

Oscar nominee and unfortunately not a winner that night but always as gorgeous maybe even more through out time Leonardo Dicaprio was looking quite spiffy!

How cool did Brad Pitt look with his awesome slicked back hairdo with the sides faded!


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