Fall Fashion Alert - Low Volume Hair

This plain Jane style really lends itself to showing off a girls natural beauty and goes with every outfit... which pretty much makes it the most practical hairstyle ever. Long and parted in the middle with just a little bit of hairspray to give it that messy just-got-out-of-bed

The beauty of this hairstyle is that it is so versatile you can add color to make it more you or you can keep your natural hair color to make it more down to earth.

Maintaining this hairstyle is as simple as breathing. Spritz some hairspray to the underneath of your head and close to the roots and tease it gently. Then leave it alone and let it do itâ??s own thing. If you want to spice up this gorgeous hairstyle try adding some cute accessories like pulling back your hair on one side with a nice clip.

This is definitely the hottest hairstyle for all you medium to long haired ladies out there. So take a break from all the fancy hairstyles and just relax for the fall. Youâ??ll see, youâ??ll fall in love with the low maintenance of this cute and fresh hairstyle.


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